1. hi, I inherited a 1925 beesley , 16 gauge boxlock, excellent original condition, modified for sporting clays to 26″, mod and improved cylinder choke tubes, 14″ pull, super fine and very light. Any thoughts, its to small for me but great for my grandmother. thanks

    • Hi Rick,

      If you send us the serial number we can send you a full history of the gun. 16 bore Beesleys are very desirable. The boxlocks were primarily made by John Harper of Birmingham to very high standards.

      BTW you should look at our recent article in Fieldsports magazine concerning F Beesley and James Purdey the Younger called “Conventional Wisdom.” A followup, entitled “Spending Too Much Time in the Pub” is slated to appear in the next issue. You can subscribe digitally on iTunes and the Google store as well as getting a print subscription.

      Best regards,
      The moderator

    • Hi Rick,

      Gun 2584 was a 16 bore A&D Hammerless Ejector with 28 1/2″ barrels with Piston Forepart (i.e., Anson Rod forend release) ordered on 15/9/23. The gun was made by John Harper. It cost £15/10/0 to make. It was delivered with no case to Mr. J. Messenger on 30/7/25 for a retail price of £35 from the F.Beesley retail shop at 2 St. James London either by Edward Street, Manager, or Herbert Phillip Beesley, Frederick’s son.

      Does your grandmother really shoot it? It’s great to see women in the shooting sports. I hope it was rebalanced after the barrels were shortened for the choke tubes. If it is “butt heavy” it will seem whippy….Who did the barrel/choke work?

      If you can send us some pictures of it. The higher the resolution the better. Send them to opcit061@comcast.net.

      William Juch

    • Hi Rick,

      I suppose antelope season is in full swing.

      Was your Beesley used to good effect during bird season?


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